Adam Frizell of AeroPM

Proudly 100% veteran-owned and operated

Adam Frizell recalls how it was his wife Emily, who recognised the need for a mechanism in which a defence veteran can use the knowledge, skills and experience developed during time in service.   

Emily experienced this first-hand during her own transition from a seventeen-year career in the Royal Australian Airforce. 

Adam transitioned from his twenty-one career in the Royal Australian Airforce, and together they founded AeroPM, a professional services consulting firm that engages across the private, government and military sector.   

Veterans transition from defence with exceptional skills and it’s so important to retain these skills within the defence industry

Based in Canberra, AeroPM works with its clients Australia-wide to deliver a range of complex technical projects. 

Yet their core business is to continue to support the veteran community, the veteran transition process, and provide employment opportunities for defence personnel.   

the best business advice I’ve ever received is to set your business purpose, establish a clear mission vision and then to execute against those while not forgetting to test and adjust along the way.

To date, AeroPM has recruited fifty-seven engineers, project managers, logisticians and test evaluation specialists.  Of those recruited, 90% were veterans, and 67% of those veterans were transitioning directly from service with the ADF. 

Adam and Emily are continuing to grow their AeroPM team with the aim to build Australia’s sovereign industry capability for many years to come. 

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AeroPM CEO Emily Frizell supports the design and delivery of the Prince’s Trust Australia Enteprise program through the Enterprise for Veterans’ Advisory Council, Chaired by the Governor-General of Australia.

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