Matt Moseley and Trust The Process

Matt is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Trust The Process, a business that helps other business owners take control of their time by integrating virtual assistants, improving business systems, and championing automation.

To date, Trust The Process has supported more than 500 small businesses, saving upwards of $3 million in labour costs and over 41,000 hours of work.

Trust The Process is Matt’s second venture.

Matt and his Co-Founder Pete first got into business installing window locks in NSW. After identifying a change in NSW Government legislation, Pete & Matt applied their skills from the Australian Defence Force to their first venture, Secure Windows.

Matt served ten years with the Australian Army before discharging in September 2017 to work full-time on Secure Windows. During his time with the ADF, Matt built expertise in logistics, capability management, distribution, and project management – all skills he uses in business.

Although a steep learning curve, Matt credits his skills with the ADF as integral to helping him identify and respond quickly to challenges.

His top tip for new businesses?

Know your numbers and Understand what your finances are doing because if you don’t, you can go bust really quickly. It almost happened to us.

In 2018, Pete & Matt were awarded the Veterans’ Employer of the Year – Small to Medium-Sized Businesses.

In their spare time, Matt and Pete run the Veteran Community Business Chamber.

Interested in self-employment?

Veterans or ADF family members interested in entrepreneurship are encouraged to participate in a free Prince’s Trust Australia Enterprise program.

Are you running a business?

Veteran-community businesses are encouraged to register their business for free with the Veteran Community Business Chamber.

Veteran-community businesses interested in being featured for the campaign are encouraged to complete an Expression of Interest.